Richard Kahn, Ph.D., is Chief Scientific and Medical Officer of the American Diabetes Association, which is located in Alexandria , Virginia .

Dr. Kahn has senior managerial responsibility for all of the scientific and medical affairs of the Association, which can be divided into five major areas. First, he is responsible for the Association's professional education activities, consisting of many clinical conferences and symposia, research conferences, and the largest diabetes-related clinical and scientific meeting in the world -- the Association's Annual Scientific Sessions. Second, Dr. Kahn has senior responsibility for the development of the Association's clinical practice guidelines and clinical consensus reports, which provide guidance and direction to health professionals who deliver diabetes care. Third, the Association's research program is under Dr. Kahn’s overall responsibility. This Program awards nearly 40 million dollars of support annually to scientists nationwide. Fourth, Dr. Kahn provides senior staff direction for the many professional books and journals produced by the Association. Finally, he oversees the Association's professional "certification" or Recognition Programs - the Diabetes Education Recognition Program and the Diabetes Provider Recognition Program..

Prior to joining the American Diabetes Association, Dr. Kahn was Chief of Scientific Affairs for the American Red Cross in St. Louis, Missouri, and an Associate Professor of Pathology at Washington University.

Dr. Kahn received his doctorate in physiology from Georgetown University and has published over 50 original research reports as well as numerous book chapters. He has received many awards, honors, invited lectureships and is a member of a variety of professional organizations.

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